Former Capital Matt Bradley was wrong to criticize Alexander Semin’s playoff performance and attitude, General Manager George McPhee said Monday on NHL Live.

Bradley, now a member of the Florida Panthers, told Ottawa’s TEAM 1200 last month that Semin “just doesn’t care,” and called out the Russian sniper for his lack of effort in the playoffs. McPhee, though, defended Semin on both counts when asked Monday about Bradley’s comments.

“Well, we know, obviously, Matt real well and certainly it’s not something he should have said and regrets it and it’s unfortunate -- you know, you shouldn’t throw darts at people when you’re leaving town,” McPhee said. “With respect to Semin, he’s an introverted kid, he’s a shy kid, he’s a quiet kid. He did his first interview yesterday in English and it was fun to watch. He struggled, but he tried real hard.

“With respect to his play, he’s a productive playoff player. His point-per-game average is way up there in the league. He’s played in 37 playoff games and got 30 points. I mean, Pavel Datsyuk is a terrific playoff player and in his first 37 playoff games he had 12 points. Semin had 30. Semin’s got a better point-per-game average than Corey Perry, who won the MVP, or the Sedin twins, who are great players, or a guy like [Boston’s Patrice] Bergeron, who won the Cup last year. It’s easy to point fingers but you’ve got to get the facts right, and this kid’s been productive.”

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