Jay Beagle was cleared to fully participate in practice, including contact drills, and took part in a full practice for the first time since before he suffered a concussion back on Oct. 13.

To be clear, being able to take part in practice drills doesn’t mean that Beagle is absorbing heavy checks from his teammates. The fourth-line forward said it would easily take at least a week to get in shape and be game-ready, but there’s no firm timetable for his return to the lineup. While Beagle is making consistent progress, he’s remaining patient with his recovery to prevent any possible setbacks.

“I’m by no means getting run over by any of the guys they’re just giving me little bumps to get a feel for it and hopefully within the week I’ll progress and be able to take full body check,” Beagle said. “Still no timeline, if I get hit and my head doesn’t feel right then we’ve got to step back again. So I’m not looking at any timeline or anything; I’m just taking it day by day.”

The next challenge for Beagle, whose reputation for training is nearly unparalleled in the dressing room, is to get back to the level he was at prior to the injury.

“That’s basically the first day I can go hard,” said Beagle, who was asked to rate his level of conditioning. “I actually don’t feel too bad. It’s definitely the worst I’ve felt ever [with conditioning] but it’s not as bad as I was expecting. My legs get pretty rubbery after 45 minutes of being out there, but it was a pretty long break without doing anything where I could only just ride the bike….Now that I’m cleared to go at it pretty hard I’m going to try to get in shape as fast as I can.”