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Capitals center Jay Beagle kept a diary through Washington’s playoff run, which ended Saturday in Game 7 with a loss to New York. Here is his reflection on the end of Washington’s season, as told by phone to The Post’s Greg Schimmel:

This wasn’t the way any of us planned the season ending.

I broke my foot in Game 5 during the second period. I tried to play Game 6 and couldn’t even get out for warmups, so basically my season was done right there.

I finished playing Game 5, if you call that playing. I didn’t want my team to go down a player, so I was going to finish the game. Toward the end it was tough. I couldn’t skate well or pivot well and I was taking 15 or 20 second shifts by the end of the game.

Before Game 6 my foot was useless. I couldn’t put any pressure on it at all. I knew it was best for the team to put somebody in that could actually skate.

Game 6 was awesome but it was still tough to watch. I’m not a spectator, so if I can play I would want to play.

It was especially tough watching Game 7, and being at home watching was even tougher.

I had surgery the day before Game 7. They had to put some pins in so I couldn’t travel. They say it will be four to six weeks until I can start running and skating.

We really believed that we were going to win and go all the way. We definitely had the team to win the Cup. To have it end quickly, none of us were prepared for it.

Today we were at the rink cleaning out our lockers, getting our gear and sticks. We had our exit meetings, said goodbye to the guys and that’s about it. It’s not a fun time.

We had a meeting and Dale just basically said that he was going back to coaching his junior team. You don’t expect it, but he does have a team he has to take care of and he had to do what’s right for him.

It was a surprise because he did a great job here. To hear your coach say he’s not going to be back next season was a little bit of a shock, but life goes on. It is what it is, I guess.

It’s weird to have the season be over. One day you’re traveling with the guys and hanging out every day, and now you won’t see them for three or four months. It happens every year where you have to say your goodbyes so it’s nothing new, but it’s obviously sooner than we wanted.

I’ll be in Calgary this summer, back home and basically just going to start my workout program in two or three weeks. I’ll do some golfing and fishing and just relax for a bit and enjoy the summer.

I’m not sure yet when we’re leaving but probably by the end of the week. We usually like to move pretty fast. We’re renting here, so we like to get home. Once everything’s done we don’t want to sit around doing nothing, so we might as well go home and start the summer.

Thanks to all the fans who followed us this season, and have a good summer.

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