(Capitals' Jay Beagle battles Rangers' Michael Del Zotto at the net. / Getty)

It’s a lot better on the plane when you’re coming home after a win. Everybody had a lot more fun on the plan ride home [Monday] night, and the spirits were up. If you go down 2-0 it’s a lot harder to come back and win than if you get a split, so it was a big win and everybody knew it.

We played a solid team game in Game 2 and we definitely played with more of a sense of urgency and didn’t sit back as much. We tried to take it to them rather than sitting back and waiting for chances.

That first goal in the first period was huge and it’s a momentum changer. They came out hard and were playing hard on us the first five minutes of the game. To have Knubs come out and score that goal, it changed the mentality of the team. We said “Let’s go out and start pushing back.” When you score first in any game it’s huge, but on the road it’s even bigger.

When they scored on the power play to tie the game in the third period I was out there for it and I was not happy about them tying it up. Our penalty kill has been good and for them to score on it, I was rattled. I felt like I could have done more to stop them from scoring on that power play.

When Ovi scored that goal to kind of trump their goal, it was exactly what we needed. He’s a big player for us and for him to score that game-winning goal and such a big goal in a game we needed to win was what we needed.

We got in around 1:30 or 1:45 [Tuesday] morning, and by the time I got back to the house it was fairly late but you’re still ramped up so you don’t go to sleep right away. But I got to sleep in so I still got plenty of sleep and still feel good today. With me, after being in the minors for three or four years when you’re on a bus for eight hours and then have to play back-to-back days, the plane rides make things so much nicer even when the trips are late at night. For me, it’s not as bad as what I was used to.

We had a meeting and watched some video [Tuesday] morning and everybody was still up and excited. Now I’m mainly just going to relax and recover to get focused on another huge game.

I just went to Whole Foods and grabbed some groceries. I got some swordfish for tonight. I like to try to eat fish the night before a game, and I’ve been going to swordfish lately to switch it up a bit when I can find it.

I’m going to make bison nachos for lunch. [My wife] Ashley likes them too so that’s even better. I usually make them in the summer when we’re out at the lake. I like to cook them for my family and call them my “Famous Bison Nachos.” I put some special ingredients in there so I can call them my own, but I don’t think they’re really famous.

I just chop the meat up and put it in with peppers and taco sauce and some seasoning, then once that’s cooked I throw that in with tomatoes and a couple other ingredients I can’t tell you about. I usually do a thin layer of chips and just pile up the meat. I usually do it double or triple layered. I like it, so I think we’re going to do that today and that’s about it.

Game 3 is obviously huge and we get to play in our own rink. We’ve just got to take the momentum into the Verizon Center and try to get another win.

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