(Evan Vucci/AP)

Boston, 5 p.m. Wednesday

It wasn’t an easy road to get to the playoffs, but we’re here and we’ve got a chance to do some damage. It’s real exciting. This is what you’ve worked the whole season for.

We just landed in Boston a little while ago and now I'm just waiting in the hotel until it’s time to go out for dinner around 6:45. I’m not sure where we’re going. Karl [Alzner] or Carly [John Carlson] usually make the reservations. My roommate Perry [Mathieu Perrault] and I will just go down to the hotel lobby and follow the guys.

Even though we’re in the playoffs, you have to keep your routine — your gameday routine and your day-before routine. You don’t want to pysch yourself up too much and do anything too different, even though the first game has obviously been in the back of my head for the past few days.

After dinner I’ll try to get to bed early tonight and get a good night’s sleep. I have to get up around 9 o’clock tomorrow morning to get to our morning skate at 11:30. After that I’ll bus back to the hotel for a quick nap and a snack before I catch the first bus back to the rink for the game.

It’s been good to have a little rest the past few days. After the regular season ends, it’s good for the body and good mentally to have a day off and know you have a couple of days to practice and get ready to face a team like Boston.

It’s been a lot of relaxing and recovering, but when you get to the rink, you get your mind right, watch some film and get your work in so you can get ready to go.

It doesn’t feel too different than it did during the year yet, but the atmosphere and the level of play is going to be amplified. It’s just fun to be a part of it.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say after Game 1, but for now things are pretty straightforward. Our goal is to win the Stanley Cup, and to do that we’ve got to start strong by winning tomorrow night.

You know the first one will set the pace.