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Capitals forward Jay Beagle is keeping a diary as Washington makes its way through the postseason. Here are his thoughts the day before Game 4, as told by phone to The Post’s Greg Schimmel:

Wednesday night was something that I do not want to have repeat. Three overtimes is mentally and physically draining. Obviously, my feeling would be different if we had won, but when you lose after basically two games – five-and-a-half periods – it’s not a good feeling and I don’t want that to happen again.

It was hard being on the ice for the goal. Gaborik was my guy coming into the zone. To have him score the game winner was tough to take. In one of the earlier posts I talked about how an overtime goal we gave up against Boston was nobody’s fault. With this one, I definitely felt like I could have made a better play and stopped the goal from happening.

I took it upon myself a little bit and let it hurt, but by the next day I was feeling okay again. I hope the feeling will drive me to be better and hopefully I won’t let that happen again.

Physically, it was tough on the body and your legs were cramping up a little bit. But everyone’s feeling the same thing so it’s one of those things where you have to keep pushing and go out every shift to play your best hockey.

The game slowed down in the third overtime. Both teams were tired and it’s basically who wants it more and who has that extra little bit of push. You just try to give it everything you have.

I didn’t really do any differently the day after the game. I got up and had a good breakfast and I just relaxed and went about the day as usual.

The worst thing I could have done would have been to watch the replay, but I was flipping channels and it came on. It wasn’t even a hockey channel or a sports channel, but it was some show like on E! or something, and the hosts were talking about it. I never really watch highlights of our games, so that caught me off guard. I think that stung a little bit to see it again, but then you put it behind you and know there’s another game coming up.

I went over to Karl’s house [Thursday] night for some bison burgers. My wife and I hung out with Karl and his fiancée. We just relaxed on the patio and enjoyed the evening. [My wife] Ashley’s mom flew in from Calgary so we picked her up from the airport. She’s not here for long but she’ll get to come to [Saturday’s] game so she’s excited for that.

The last time my family came down [from Calgary] was in February for a week. Hopefully they can come down again if we keep winning. My dad owns his own mechanic shop so it’s hard for him to get away from work. But obviously if we make it to the Stanley Cup finals, I’d fly them in and he’d have to shut down the shop. They couldn’t miss that opportunity.

For now, I’m just excited to go out and play again. It was such a hard-fought battle the other night and the series has been so intense that it’s just been fun to play in these games. I say it just about every time, but the games keep getting bigger.

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