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Clarendon, Sunday, 4:30 p.m.

We’re back home, and to get the split in Boston was a huge momentum boost for us. It’s always fun playing at home with the crowd behind us, and I expect everybody to be even more amped up for the playoffs. It’s going to be awesome tomorrow night.

When Backy scored that goal to win Game 2, it was just a great feeling. Really exciting, and also a big relief. When it’s sudden death like that, you’re excited but it’s also like, “Thank goodness.” You don’t want it to go like eight overtimes because you don’t know how long you can continue playing at that pace.

It was crazy on the bench. I think I got hit in the head with a stick when everybody was jumping up and down. It’s weird because you go from being so mentally focused watching the play from the bench to all of a sudden seeing Backy with the puck about to take a shot. When you see it hit the back of the net you’re jumping up and down and then guys are jumping over the boards to go congratulate Holtsy and Backy. I don’t think much rivals that feeling.

I can’t even imagine what it’s like scoring a goal that big, but I had a great chance in the first overtime. Chimmer had a good forecheck and he passed it out to me and I tried to kick it out to my stick. The thought was just to get it by the D-man that was fronting me. I tried to get it off quick and get it off hard. I put a good shot on net but Tim Thomas made a good save. If we had lost I would’ve been choked about missing that chance but now I can just brush it off.

We got back last night and today we had a meeting and watched some video. I don’t think anybody who played last night skated today except maybe Chimmer. After a double-overtime game I think it’s better to rest and try to recover and come back ready to go tomorrow.

I’ve been checking the scores but I haven’t watched any other playoff games so far. I don’t like to watch hockey that much. I try to get away from it and do other things on the days we’re not playing. I’m just walking around in Clarendon and enjoying the weather with my wife. We got some yogurt at Pinkberry and we just saw Brouwer and his wife going into the Whole Foods. I saw Holtby before at Lululemon with his fiancee.

Tomorrow it’ll just be the regular pregame routine. Whether it’s a 7 or 7:30 p.m. start I’ll get ready the same way. I always like to look ahead just to the next game, and Game 3 is always a big game, especially when you have a split after the first two.

We did a job in Boston and now we have to get the job done at home. Boston knows it and so do we. Everybody’s going to bring their A-game and it should be another great game.

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