The Capitals announced yesterday that they’ll begin selling standing-room only season tickets because of “overwhelming demand for season tickets.” From the D.C. Sports Bog:

The Caps e-mailed existing season-ticket holders this week with a new offer: standing-room only season tickets. For $60 a pop per game. Meaning your season-long price-tag would be $2,550. And you don’t get to sit down.

Here’s a quick selection of the commenter responses, which ranged from enthusiastic to somewhat appalled:

Nemo24601 knows from experience that it isn’t all that bad to stand: I've stood standing room at the old Montreal Forum, and even on the "terraces" of English football (a few lower division teams still have standing terraces) It is not terrible. At least you aren't confined to 18 inches of space, you have something to lean on, and you don't have to push through to reach the restroom. If people will buy them, sell them.

miguelmora76 is all for it, too: I went to Game 2 last year at Verizon with my friends, and we were in the standing-room section. They were the BEST seats I've ever had for a playoff game. You're close to the action AND if you're a person that's standing in your own room at home during the playoffs anyway, it works out perfectly! I'm going to try to get the same thing this year.

NovaCath wrote: I guess there is someone out there who has the money and will purchase it. I cannot fathom wanting to pay that much money to stand for the entire season.

RustyShackelford728 agreed: I don't know what's more outrageous - that the Caps would entertain selling such a product, or that somebody would be willing to buy them.

Let’s put it to a vote: