We’ll provide live updates of Capitals General Manager George McPhee’s news conference, scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Updates are below in reverse chronological order:

— That’s all for now. We’ll have much more today on all things Caps, so keep checking back. Tom Boswell is chatting now.

— McPhee said he was considering hiring Hunter for about a week now.

— Will Alex Ovechkin be stripped of the captaincy? “That’s not gonna happen.”

— Has McPhee talked to Ovechkin about the coaching change? “No, I’ve talked to the team.”

— On Boudreau seemingly losing the room: “Sometimes it just wears out. ... I’ve seen it before with other coaches. Sometimes like having the same teacher for five years... So you make the change and hope that a new voice and a new way of doing things and a new focus gets the best out of these players.”

— Hunter will need to focus on defense, McPhee says. “We’re just giving up too many goals.”

— Boudreau and McPhee met at 6:15 a.m. “He said the right things and he made me feel better about the decision.”

— McPhee said coaches have a short shelf life and it has to be accepted. “The league is so competitive that it requires a lot... Bruce emptied the tank, he gave it everything, he pushed every button he could push.”

— Dale Hunter “knows two things, farming and hockey. And he’s really good at both.” Ooookay.

— “We’ve talked consistently over 12 years; I was hoping that one day Dale would coach this team. Timing’s everything and the time is right now.” Hunter only wanted to coach the Capitals — as head coach, according to McPhee.

— On Dale Hunter, who played in the NHL for 19 years: “That guy played the same way every night, and it was hard... everyone who played with him revered him.”

— “I don’t think this had anything to do with Alex Ovechkin,” McPhee said. It was that the team wasn’t playing well as a whole.

— McPhee said he didn’t like some things he saw in training camp in the preseason but after the Capitals’ 7-0 start, he held off.

— McPhee says no players were consulted. “I don’t take that kind of input from players. We’ve never done that and we never will do that.”

—McPhee: “The reason for the change was we werent winning, obviously, and this wasn’t a slump. You can ride out slumps. This was simply a case of the players were no longer responding to Bruce.

“Bruce did a terriffic job here... but when the players aren’t responding you have to make a change.”

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