Mike Green spoke with reporters during the second intermission of Saturday’s game about the three-game suspension he received from the NHL for an illegal check to the head on Lightning forward Brett Connolly.

A full transcript of his comments follows.

Your reaction to the suspension?
Green: “I was obviously disappointed, moreso that I wouldn’t be playing. It is what it is. I understand their point. By no means did I intentionally do anything to harm anyone. It’s just unfortunate for myself.”

What was your view of the play that developed and led to the hit?
“I was just finishing my check, trying to separate him from the puck – pinch him off. It was just a hockey play, hockey read that I made instantly and it didn’t turn out well.”

Have you seen a replay of the hit?

Did your elbow come up on the hit?
“No, I didn’t get my elbow up at all. I don’t know if you watched it, there was no elbow involved. It was my shoulder but I did make contact with his head, which is unacceptable.”

Would you normally make that play when a teammate has someone tied up?
“Yeah, he kind of beat [Dmitry Orlov] and so then I went in to pinch, close it off. Make sure he couldn’t come to the net and then obviously it separated him from the puck. If Orly would have had him I probably would have stayed in my position but I had to go. It’s normal. I would make that play 10 out of 10 times.”

Is it difficult to miss time after just returning?
“Yeah. You know I was just kind of starting to get my feel again and now back out so it’s frustrating but I’ll take some time here to rest and make sure I’m ready for Friday.”