After participating fully in Washington’s Tuesday morning practice, defenseman Mike Green said there were no lasting effects of the shot that hit him in the left side of the head in Game 5 against the Rangers, aside from a visible bruise from where the puck struck his helmet.

Green also said that even when he was felled by the shot, he wasn’t worried about suffering another concussion. The defenseman missed 26 of the final 28 games of the regular season with two concussions, the first when he was struck by a puck on Feb. 6 in a game against Pittsburgh.

“I’m fine, other than a bruise,” said Green. Asked if he had a concussion, he replied: “No, not at all. The first one was a lot different than this one. Right away I knew with the first one; this one I got up right away. Other than it stinging a little bit, I was fine.”

Green said the shot by New York’s Matt Gilroy hit his helmet rather than his head directly.

“They make good helmets, and this time it hit me in the helmet. I’m okay, so that’s all that matters,” Green said, before describing the initial experience of being hit in the head by a shot. “I think that time, it happened so quick that it’s pretty tender and sore when it did happen. But like I said, thank god for those helmets and I’m very fortunate.”

Green declined to expand any further on his health or the evaluation process he underwent after being hit by the puck, but he didn’t look hindered in any way during Washington’s full practice, which lasted about an hour. Coach Bruce Boudreau said he expects Green to be ready to play whenever the second round starts.