While more than a third of Washington-area sports fans have negative feelings about the Redskins, the hometown hockey team drew considerably high marks in a new poll conducted by The Post.

Sixty-one percent of fans polled said they had a favorable impression of the Capitals, while only 3 percent said they had negative feelings (35 percent were ambivalent). And though Redskins owner Dan Snyder drew 54 percent negative reaction, only 4 percent of fans said they had negative views of Capitals owner Ted Leonsis.

From the story:

D.C. fans direct considerable ire toward the man who owns the team. A majority of all D.C. area sports fans hold unfavorable views of Snyder, with more than one in three having “strongly” negative impressions, according to the poll. The owners of the other major teams, Ted Leonsis and Ted Lerner, are far less-known than Snyder but generate dramatically fewer negative reviews. Just 3 percent express strongly negative views toward Lerner; less than 1 percent express this view toward Leonsis.

View the breakdown as a graphic here, and read a further explanation of the poll here.