The NHL’s Board of Governors meets early this week, and one of the chief issues on the agenda is realignment. Possibilities have been floated and debated for months now, but with the meeting in Pebble Beach, Calif., only a few days away, here’s a look at where the simple and radical plans stand now:

The easy option for realignment is just that, easy. Everything would stay the same but Winnipeg would move to the Western Conference with another team — likely Detroit but possibly Columbus or Nashville — moving to the East.

The latest radical overhaul, as was detailed on Hockey Night in Canada’s Hot Stove Report Saturday night, involves four realigned conferences. Here’s how things would break down in this new proposal . You can watch the whole Hot Stove segment here:

— Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, New Jersey, Washington and Carolina.

— Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Boston, Buffalo, Florida and Tampa Bay.

— Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Jose, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado and Phoenix.

— Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Minnesota, Nashville, Columbus, Winnipeg and Dallas.

For all you Capitals fans clamoring for a return to the days of the Patrick Division, well, this plan might just be for you. With this setup, every team will play a home-and-home at least once each season.

As for the playoffs, the first two rounds would be played within the division (or conference), then the four remaining squads would be reseeded.

What do you think of this latest plan to divvy the league up into four divisions? Share your take on the realignment possibilities in the comment section below.