Jeff Skinner will not receive any supplementary discipline for his play on Dmitry Orlov in the second period of last night’s game between the Capitals and Hurricanes, according to an NHL spokesman.

The league viewed Skinner’s play as tripping, not a suspendable slewfoot. Replay shows Skinner’s right leg coming into contact with Orlov’s right skate and knocking the defenseman’s leg out from under him.

A Capitals player who spoke on the condition of anonymity following the 4-3 overtime loss said he believed the play was a “definite slewfoot. It’s an incredibly dangerous play.”

Slewfoots that typically result in suspensions are plays that include a player’s upper body being pulled backward as his legs are knocked out from under him. When those actions are combined, it is viewed as a more deliberate and forceful attempt to injure as opposed to a trip.

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