The NHL All Star skills competition gets underway at 7 p.m. Saturday night on NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus) and for some it might be the most entertaining part of the entire weekend.

Capitals’ defenseman Dennis Wideman, who is a member of Team Chara, was chosen to take part in the skills challenge relay and the hardest shot competition.

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A cheat sheet for the six competitions the players will take part in follows and you can check out the full rosters of participants for each challenge here.

--Fastest skater : Fairly self explanatory. Five players from each team compete, including one rookie and goaltender from each side.
--Breakaway challenge: This is where players try to put the most creative, zaniest breakaway attempt they can think of on display. Three players from each team each get three shots.
--Accuracy shooting: A classic. Four targets are attached to the goal posts and wait to be destroyed. Four shooters per team.
- -Skills challenge relay: There are four heats in the relay, which includes one-timers, passing, puck control, stick handling and accuracy shooting.
--Hardest shot: Four players from each team get two attempts to obtain the highest miles per hour on the shot.
--Elimination shootout: Just like it sounds. Eleven skaters from each team face three opposing goaltenders and try to score in order to advance to the next round.