Detroit Red Wings Coach Mike Babcock said this morning that his players are looking forward to tonight’s game against the streaking Capitals, who are looking for a 10th consecutive victory.

“I think our players will be excited to play these guys,” Babcock said. “I mean, if they don’t know the team, they know who the names are, anyway — they’ll be excited to play them; they know they’re a good team.”

The Red Wings might not know all the Capitals, but they’re pretty familiar with what captain Alex Ovechkin brings to the table.

“Dynamic, strong player, bull,” Kris Draper said, when asked to describe Ovechkin. “Plays physical for a guy that can go out and score goals. His shot is one of the best — slapshot, his release, the way he drives to the net. So many good things, you know, but we don’t see him a lot around here. But anytime you see highlights with Washington, he’s in them.

“He brings a lot of energy and love to the game,” Draper added. “Loves to score goals, he loves being on the ice for goals... He’ll be a guy that’ll try to run you over as well in the process, so whenever he’s out on the ice you have to know where he is. He’s just one of those dangerous hockey players and just one of the strongest players that you’ll play against.”

Watch the full video below to see more comments on Ovechkin, and then check out some more notes from the Detroit Free Press.