Roughly a half hour into the Capitals’ practice Thursday it was clear the intensity in this particular session was not lacking.

During a drill, Alex Ovechkin received a slash on his right hand from Dennis Wideman that upset the captain. Ovechkin responded with a few choice words and a two-hand slash to Wideman’s right leg. The sparring continued for a few more seconds, with other whacks of the stick exchanged and some shoves as well before they stared each other down in front of the net.

General Manager George McPhee says he likes to see that kind of intensity in practice, particularly given the time of year and the importance of the upcoming games.

“Yeah we don’t mind that at all. We’re not running a Sunday school; this is pro hockey,” McPhee said. “It can get a little frisky out there from time to time. That would have been a good one. That would have been a rock star versus the all star.”

Ovechkin and Wideman exchanged a few more words throughout the practice but after the on-ice session both players dismissed the incident.

“He said he didn’t like the stick he was using, so he wanted to break it. So he broke it,” Wideman said grinning. “And I say, ‘Are you happy?’ He says ‘Yeah.’ Then he said, ‘Do you want to go for dinner tonight?’ I was like alright, and that was that. We went back and continued the drill.”

Said Ovechkin: Wideman “said play against me hard, like in a game, so I just did. It’s something that he asked me to do, so I did it.”

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