The only player on the Capitals’ roster who ever played a game against the original Winnipeg Jets is Roman Hamrlik, who faced them in eight games. He’s aware that as one of the oldest players on the team it puts him in some unique situations, and it makes for some fun jokes and stories in the dressing room.

Before the Capitals went out on the ice at MTS Centre, Hamrlik was joking with his teammates that he played in Winnipeg for the first time 18 years ago. He did make four visits to the old Winnipeg Arena in the early stages of his career as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

During his second season, Hamrlik was on a trip with Tampa Bay to Winnipeg in January . Here is his recollection of the trek to what could be argued is the coldest city in the NHL:

“It was like minus-40, minus-45,” Hamrlik said laughing. “We didn’t even go out for supper; we stayed in, just ordered pizza stayed at the hotel and watched some movies. We just played the game, stayed overnight and traveled to somewhere else – warmer.”