After skating for seven straight days, Tuesday was a scheduled off day for Nicklas Backstrom. The Capitals’ star center is expected to be back on the ice Wednesday, a team spokesman said, as he continues to recover from the concussion that has sidelined him since Jan. 3.

While there remains no time table for Backstrom’s return, his presence on the ice is encouraging, as are his recent comments to both North American and Swedish reporters.

Backstrom spoke with Swedish TV network SVT and our friends over at Japers’ Rink have a translation of the interview, courtesy of Malin Andersson. A brief excerpt follows.

How is is it suddenly have a completely open calendar? You are used to having every day planned out in advance.

“Yeah, it’s... I’m so restless, I’m climbing the walls and don’t know what I should do with myself. I’m essentially doing nothing right now. I’m used to having very specific routines; travel, playing games and practice, things like that. and then all of a sudden, yeah, you do absolutely nothing. It’s a really strange feeling, but at the same time it’s a part of your life that you have to go through.

Of course it’s tough, it feels like I’m back on square one, the same feeling you have before the season starts but the only thing I can do it work through it and try to fight for a playoff spot.”

What are you dreaming about when you are out here working on your own on the ice?

“I’m dreaming about finally getting to train with the team again and maybe after that to play in a game. Also about making the playoffs. Because maybe then there is a chance I can play again.”

You can check out the full translated interview at Japers’ Rink.