At even strength, the Caps see improved play across the board when Laich is on the ice.

SCF/60SCA/60GF/60GA/60Rel Corsi QoC
With Laich16.
W/o Laich15.715.

Every metric is better: Scoring chances for (SCF/60) improve, while chances against (SCA/60) fall considerably. Goals scored (GF/60) increase, while goals against (GA/60) drop by a goal for every 60 minutes of ice time. Maximizing opportunities while limiting the opportunities of your opponents is what wins hockey games -- and Laich does it in the face of stiffer competition. Rel Corsi QoC measures the difference in an opponents’ Corsi rating (the balance of total shots for and against) when a player is on the ice compared to when he’s on the bench. The higher the number, the tougher the average opponent.

The impact on the individual level of his most frequent linemates:

With LaichWithout Laich
PlayerSC%Convert%Rel Corsi QoCSC%Convert%Rel Corsi QoC

Across the board improvement. More chances in Washington's favor (SC%) and more goals scored off those chances (Convert %) against tougher competition when Laich is on the ice.

Just in time for free agency.