Update, 12:18 p.m.: The post has since been put back up on Ted’s Take and can be found here, along with an explanation from Leonsis. According to a Monumental Sports and Entertainment spokesman, the entry was removed in error by someone trying to correct a typo and it was not related to the content of the post.

Original post:
This morning, Ted Leonsis’s twitter account shared a link to the owner’s latest blog post entitled ‘The Circle of Life in Sports.’ Shortly after that link went out, though, the post was removed and the link led to an error message on Ted’s Take.

However, colleague Tarik El-Bashir had loaded the page before it disappeared, so here’s the full text from that since-deleted post:

The Circle of Life in Sports

Free agency is a fun time for fans and media. It is a tough time forfront offices as the auction atmosphere makes for some deals and offers that teams live to regret for many a season. Getting an asset without losing a player in return is what motivates teams to play in free agency. Nabbing a key player or a player that fits a role in the lineup is what is so attractive about free agency. Because there is a lack of multiple options the offers are perhaps richer or longer than standard offers. It is a time of risk. Analysis shows that there are more bad deals than good deals offered during free agency.

Also players work hard during their careers to get to free agency. This is their time. It is about their needs and wants and their freedom. They have earned this right.

Be that as it may, I am hopeful we do nab some new players today to add to the lineup. See this article and quotes within. We have some cap space. I expect we will make our offers and I am hopeful we add some players to the lineup. I also expect we will lose some players as well to free agency. The circle of life in pro sports.

We want to improve our team via the draft free agency and trades. Also via call ups of some prospects that we think are ready for NHL play. Player retention is also key. We win some and we lose some. All teams live within this kind of cycle. As was once said…”THIS is the business we have chosen”.

I expect we will make several offers today in an attempt to change up our lineup. We have added a key new player via trade already this summer. We have kept a free agent from leaving this summer. We now hope to add some players via free agency and then go into the summer seeking some trades as well.

At the end of the process our team will look different from last year. We plan to improve. All teams do and hope that the process in the off season is a positive one for fan. Time will tell whether it all worked out. We care deeply and will work hard today to do the right thing; wish us well and thank you. Go Caps.

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