Ted Leonsis was on Elliot in the Morning Monday and discussed the upcoming season, the playoffs and numerous other issues.

When asked about the criticisms former Capitals Matt Bradley and David Steckel raised about the team, though, Leonsis stressed the need to move forward — and defended winger Alexander Semin once more.

Leonsis on Bradley and Steckel’s comments:

“I think it’s best we all look forward. I don’t think it’s appropriate ever to talk about a player on another team. I just wanna talk about our players, and I think that we have a really really good team.”

“You know, those guys talked about Alex Semin, and I’m an Alex Semin supporter. He’s on our second line, we expect 30 to 40 goals from him, and my big hope is that he stays healthy. If Alex Semin stays healthy and is focused, I think he is one of the 10 best players in the NHL. He certainly has that skill level, and I like him. I’ve gotten along with him, so I’m supporting our players, and I’m hoping that he comes out with a chip on his shoulder and is very motivated to have a great year.”

On the changes for this upcoming year:

“We injected a lot of change this year because we weren’t satisfied with the results we had in the playoffs. We understand, we get the joke. Over the last four years, we might have the best record in the NHL over the regular season. We won the East the last two years, we’ve had a really good team, but we can’t seem to get past that last round of the playoffs. And that’s obviously what the focus is.”

You can listen to the full interview here.