Danick Paquette, left, and defenseman Conor Allen vie for position in front of the net during drills on Monday. (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Playing “dirty,” Paquette (6 foot, 210 pounds) single-handedly carried over the physical theme from Wednesday’s scrimmage into Thursday morning, delivering an elbow to Adam Mitchell on open ice in the first period of Team A’s 4-3 win over Team B. Paquette spent the next few minutes in the penalty box for a foul which has satisfied expectations four days into development camp.

“He did what he was supposed to do and the way we projected him and felt about him when we made the deal,” Coach Bruce Boudreau said. “"In the first period, you know, he was hitting everybody, it might have been a little of — if Collie Campbell was watching it might have been a little bit of a dirty hit in the first period. But that’s what he’s got to be, is one of those guys that everybody loves to hate.”

Paquette lasted through the second period without any altercations, scoring a goal for Team A. By the time the third period rolled around, his gloves were thrown on the ice after a cleaner hit, which warranted his second trip to the penalty box.

“I saw a lot of what we’re hoping the way he is going to play come training camp, come regular season, whichever team he plays for,” Boudreau said.

Paquette has spent plenty of time in the penalty box. His playing style earned him 366 penalty minutes over the last two seasons as a member of Lewiston in the QMJHL. After the scrimmage, Paquette had his own description for his playing style, referring to his hit in the first period.

“I know it’s a blind side, but if it’s a hit, it’s a hit. I’m a pretty dirty player…like [Pittsburgh’s] Matt Cooke,” Paquette said. “So I did my job. Usually people come at me and try to fight, but no one came, so it’s OK.”

--From Katie, a quick note on the scrimmage:

Garrett Mitchell, who recorded a goal and got in a fight with free-agent invitee Scott Wietecha, was the only player to score in the shootout to clinch the win for Team A. David Civitarese and Paquette also recorded goals for the winning side while Travis Boyd added two more goals and Reid Edmonson tacked on another for Team B.