The spotlight on headshots in hockey has never been brighter as the NHL looks to curb head injuries. The league has been doling out suspensions all preseason with that in mind.

In the third period of the Capitals’ preseason finale, Chicago’s Peter Leblanc was assessed a match penalty for a hit to the head against Alexander Semin.

Check out a video of the hit below:

It appears as though Leblanc’s elbow connects with Semin’s head as the Washington winger skates through the neutral zone, but from the available replay angles it’s tough to know exactly when and how much contact was made.

Semin was OK after the hit, according to Coach Bruce Boudreau, and he was able to stay out on the ice for the start of the ensuing power play. When Boudreau met with the media last night, he said he hadn’t seen a replay of the hit yet and didn’t want to evaluate it. Overall, reaction to the hit in the Capitals’ locker room was subdued.

Asked about the hit after the game, Chicago Coach Joel Quenneville said: “I don’t think it was excessive.”

What are your thoughts on the hit? Is does it warrant a suspension from Brendan Shanahan or is it too tough to tell with the available evidence?