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Q: If you could pick out a few key points [for the Bruins] going in, what are the areas of focus?

A: Just play our game. Play with a lot of energy, but a lot of composure and react to what’s going on [out] on the ice. 

Q: Do you say anything to the guys tonight?

A: Everybody is aware of where we are; it’s Game 1. There’s not much to be said. We’ll see how the game goes. If there’s a need for it, then you have to react.

Q: A few years, you’ve gone into the playoffs pretty banged up. This year, you look healthy. Are you?

A: I feel healthy. I feel fine. You’re always banged up a little bit, but it’s just a part of the whole regular season, 82 games. But for the most part, it’s been a good year for that. It’s good to go into the playoffs feeling good and healthy.

Q: If Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom skate on different lines, how does that change your strategy?

A: We don’t know exactly what the lines are going to be like. We’ll see and react to it. The game plan? I don’t think it’s going to change based on how they shuffle their lines.

Q: It’s been a while since a team has won back-to-back Cups. Do you guys talk about that at all?

A: No. None. We don’t even talk about it. We’re focusing on Game 1. You can’t be talking about something that you’re not even there yet.

Q: Do you expect butterflies of your own tonight?

A: It’s always a little bit like that. You’re excited, you’re anxious to get going and play.

Q: What did you guys learn the most in last year’s playoffs?

A: Never give up. We’ve been [in] two rounds, down two games. That was pretty hard to overcome. We found ways. It’s really never over 'till it’s over. It was the resiliency of this group, the challenges we faced, that was pretty special

Q: Is too much made of the short offseason you guys had and how much hockey you’ve played the past year?

A: We thought about it early on in the season, in September and October. We put that behind us. When we came back it was like: ‘Oh, wow, that was short. And now we’re back again.’ We got used to it.

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