The ACC announced on Friday details of the scheduling format changes that will accompany the impending arrival of Syracuse and Pittsburgh. You can read all about the particulars in Mark Giannotto’s blog post over at Hokies Journal

But let’s take a quick look at how all of this will affect Virginia. In football, Pittsburgh will join Virginia in the Coastal Division, though the Cavaliers’ primary crossover partner (Maryland) will remain the same. 

Whenever Pittsburgh and Syracuse join the ACC, the conference will shift to a nine-game conference slate. Virginia will play each Coastal Division team (Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Miami, Duke and Pittsburgh) each season, as well as Maryland and two rotating opponents from the Atlantic Division. That pool will consist of Clemson, Florida State, Wake Forest, North Carolina State, Boston College and Syracuse. 

At the end of a six-year cycle, Virginia will have played every team in the Atlantic Division twice (once home and once away), other than Maryland. Virginia will have played Maryland six times (three home and three away).

In basketball, the ACC will shift to an 18-game schedule starting next season. The eventual arrival of Syracuse and Pittsburgh will not alter Virginia’s primary partner (Virginia Tech). The 18-game format will be based on a three-year cycle. Virginia will play every ACC team at least once every season and annually will face Virginia Tech once at home and once away. 

Virginia will play the 12 other ACC teams in rotating groups of four (one year home and away; one year only at home; one year only away). Virginia will play Virginia Tech six times and will face every other ACC team four times during the three-year cycle. All 14 ACC teams will compete in the ACC tournament.