Sporting a new look, Virginia achieved a new result against N.C. State. (Ethan Hyman/AP)

But Coach Mike London revealed Monday there was a little more thought put into Virginia’s white pants/white jersey/blue helmet ensemble from Saturday’s skid-busting 33-6 victory at North Carolina State.

“Believe it or not, I get quite a few e-mails about suggesting new uniform combinations. Actually, the last couple of times I’ve talked about I don’t care what the uniform combinations are, as long as we’re executing the X’s and O’s. Our equipment guy, Kyle Riley, did research and came up with the road combo that we had some sort of winning combination.”

Whatever the reason for Virginia’s dramatically improved play, there is a renewed sense of optimism around Charlottesville these days as the Cavaliers prepare for a game against Miami on Saturday. Suddenly, London is talking about a bowl game again and using phrases like “we control our own destiny.”

In fact, London has used the team’s run through last November as an example for what Virginia should strive for this year. If the Cavaliers win their final three games of the year – over the Hurricanes, North Carolina and Virginia Tech – they would improbably earn back-to-back bowl berths.

Whether that’s plausible remains to be seen, but there’s a feeling among the Cavaliers that the team that showed up in Raleigh on Saturday could pull it off.

“It goes back to winning in November and having a chance to keep some of these goals alive,” London said. “It was a good practice Sunday, lot of energy in the weight room. You know, winning helps for a lot of things. When you haven’t won several games, you get that feeling back when you win and what it feels like. We crave wanting to win games. We have to. To get a taste of it again, that’s something that we’re looking forward to.”