Virginia sophomore offensive tackle Morgan Moses was “jogging lightly” during Wednesday’s practice, Cavaliers Coach Mike London said Thursday. After spraining his left ankle during Sunday’s workout, Moses had sat out training camp practices Monday and Tuesday while wearing a protective boot.

It remains unclear when Moses – who is expected to be Virginia’s starting right tackle – will be healthy enough to return to full participation in the team’s training camp practices.

“I would anticipate that he’d be back out and maybe jogging again (Thursday), but remember that’s a big body that’s jogging around,” London said in a teleconference. “But the ankle injury, some guys heal faster than others. His is progressing. We wouldn’t want him to get out there and try to do something, at this time, just for the sake of getting out there and practicing.

“But he was running around yesterday, and I’m quite sure that our trainers and medicine people will have him doing more than what he was doing yesterday.”

Regarding Landon Bradley, another of the team’s offensive tackles, London re-iterated Thursday that the fifth-year senior with 18 career starts may not regain enough health to play for the Cavaliers this season.

Bradley underwent hand surgery during the middle of the 2010 season and then underwent shoulder and knee surgeries in the offseason.

“It’s unfortunate that his body’s not healing the way it needs to heal,” London said. “We’ve kind of gone on and prepared the guys that are out practicing now that were able to go through spring and summer conditioning and all that. It’s been kind of trying to hold hope out, but at the same time, the realization that there’s some issues physically that Landon might not be able to contribute.”

London said the coaches are focusing more now on preparing offensive linemen such as redshirt sophomore tackle Sean Cascarano and redshirt sophomore guard Luke Bowanko to play in games this season. Bowanko is expected to start at right guard, while Cascarano is expected to be the primary backup at both tackle positions.

London would not pinpoint when the coaching staff knew Bradley would not be healthy enough to participate in the start of training camp, if not the entire preseason.

“I just know that with all these players that get surgeries and are trying to come back, you know, sometimes you get a surgery done and then get back and are ready to go,” London said. “Sometimes you get surgery done and for whatever reason the body’s not healing correctly.”