Georgia Tech Coach Paul Johnson says he has 10 plays for the Virginia game. (John Bazemore/AP)

In the Q&A, which serves as something of a midseason report, Johnson was asked if he doodles plays on napkins. Johnson, according to the report, lifted a yellow legal pad with plays drawn on it.

“That’s for this week,” Johnson told the AJC. “All these plays. This is my game plan for this week. That’s it right there.”

Johnson then was asked how many plays were on that notepad. The coach counted.

“Ten,” he told the newspaper. “There’ll be base plays with it and I won’t run all that, but that’s just the ideas I’ve scribbled down in the last two days watching tape and [Tuesday], I’ll go in with the offensive staff and I’ll tell ’em, ‘Ok, here’s what I got. What do you guys got? You’ve got anything you want to do?’

“If they’ve got some ideas that I think will work, we’ll put ‘em in, we’ll look at ‘em this week and we’ll sort ‘em out. That’s the way we do it.”

No. 12 Georgia Tech (6-0) owns the No. 6 scoring offense (46.5 points per game) and the No. 4 rushing offense (360.5 yards per game) in the nation. The Yellow Jackets also rank No. 4 in the country in total offense (553.5 yards per game).