Mark this date on your calendars: Aug. 17, 2012, the day that television shows and crime intersected in an unprecedented, epic fashion.

First there was the whole “Breaking Bad”/actual meth cook Walter White story. Now, courtesy of Gawker and the tweet below from BBC Radio host Andy Whittaker, we have learned that some liquor stores in Britain will sell alcohol to underage individuals, even if their fake ID has a picture of Bobby Hill from “King of the Hill" on it.

In just a moment on the show, how this fake ID was used to buy alcohol in Notts shops. Didn’t they look at it? 103.8FM…

— Andy Whittaker (@breakfastandy) August 16, 2012

According to that Gawker item, six different shops in Nottinghamshire, England accepted the Bobby Hill ID, which also listed the age of the purchasing teenager in question as 17. (The legal drinking age there is 18.) This was all done as part of a sting operation by the Nottinghamshire City Council, which found the results of said operation “disappointing.”

Disappointing is one word. Here’s another: hilarious.

Honestly, the only way this could have been more absurd is if the Bobby Hill ID had the name McLovin printed on it.

Lest you assume that the shop owners didn’t recognize Bobby Hill because “King of the Hill” never aired in Britain — which, for the record, would still not be a valid excuse since the photo on this ID is a cartoon, for God’s sake — please know that it has indeed been broadcast there on Channel 4. So before you start explaining all this with that “Brits don’t know Mike Judge” reasoning, I direct you to the words of Bobby Hill, the real one: