You already can’t wait to see them in “Smurfs 2,” can you?

Deadline reports that a sequel to the recent Neil-Patrick-Harris-meets-blue-gnomes movie has been set for a release date of Aug. 2, 2013. Given the recent announcements about the 2014 release dates for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “Catching Fire,” the sequel to “The Hunger Games,” this qualifies as short notice. But hopefully people can still clear some space on their summer-movie calendars two years from now.

So, just to recap: in the past two days, we’ve established that the soundtrack for the remake of “Footloose,” an ‘80s movie, has gotten all twanged up; Lionsgate is remaking “Dirty Dancing,” another ‘80s-era film beloved by anyone who ever had a romantic fantasy set to the tune of “De todo un poco”; and Sony is launching a sequel to “The Smurfs,” a family comedy inspired by the azure cartoon characters also made popular during the 1980s.

If, by some chance, a remake of “The Breakfast Club” and/or a sequel to 2005’s “The Dukes of Hazzard” is announced later this week, civilization will finally collapse in a massive, original-idea-deficient heap. Assuming, you know, you don’t think that’s happened already.