Ryan Gosling: snubbed, depending on your perspective. (Richard Foreman Jr./ Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers )

With every Oscar nomination day comes the list of the snubbed.

Naturally, not everyone can be a nominee, as we saw last year when Christopher Nolan failed to earn an Academy Award nod for best director for “Inception” and the Twitter-verse threatened to invade the dreams of every Oscar voter as a result. (Well, not literally. But it was definitely implied.)

This year, the snubbed list is long and heartbreaking, so long, in fact, that I am not even including Ryan Gosling on it. Honestly, no one was really expecting him to be nominated for “Drive” or “The Ides of March,” despite his Golden Globe recognition. But calm down; there’s a still a photo of him up there to look at longingly while you lament his failure to earn Academy recognition this year. Celebritology never snubs Gosling.

Here’s who made my list of the 10 biggest Oscar nomination snubs. Read it and vote in the poll that follows, then share your outrage on behalf of an Oscar snubee by posting a comment or using the hashtag #Oscarshocker on Twitter.

Oscar’s biggest snubs:

10. No Andy Serkis as best supporting actor.

Okay, most people figured a nomination for his motion capture performance was a long shot. But it’s still a shame. Although maybe this will give him more leverage for a nomination as Gollum in “The Hobbit.”

9. No “The Help” for best adapted screenplay.

Writer-director Tate Taylor got bupkus for his work on a film that earned four other nominations, including best picture.

8. No “50/50”for best original screenplay.

Was so hoping Will Reiser would get something for his very smart debut script. Sadly, not to be.

7. No David Fincher for best director.

The man behind “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” — a film very much driven by its director’s vision, got bumped out of the category, possibly by another visionary: Terrence Malick.

6. No Tilda Swinton for best actress.

A lot of people had her on their predictive lists. And a lot of people turned out to be wrong.

5. No Shailene Woodley for best supporting actress.

Granted, Woodley is a little young. But her ability to hold her own opposite George Clooney in “The Descendants” had given her a lot of awards season buzz.

4. No Leonardo DiCaprio for best actor.

“J. Edgar” — which looked like guarateed Oscar bait a few months ago — came up with a big, fat goose egg.

3. No Michael Fassbender for best actor.

Was it the nudity in “Shame” that bothered the Academy? The fact that Fassbender’s character was not exactly likable? Or did they just like Demian Bichir’s peformance that much more?

2. No Albert Brooks for “Drive.”

The man campaigned steadfastly, even on Twitter, to no avail. Fortunately, Brooks has a sense of humor about his snub. And, of course, he can always seek comfort from his adorable son, Nemo.

1. No “The Adventures of TinTin” for best animated feature.

I wasn’t a massive fan of this movie; the animation was stunning, but the story didn’t engage me as much as I had hoped. Still, if you had asked me yesterday to bet $1,000 that it would be nominated in this category instead of, say, “A Cat in Paris” or “Chico & Rita,” I would have put down the money.

Which of these snubs did you think was most egregious? Vote below.

YOUR TAKE: Who got snubbed?

Tweet Sometimes commercial success and artistic success doesn’t always translate into an Oscar nod. Take a look at this year’s list of nominees and tell us which films you think got the short end of the stick. Use the hashtag #Oscarsnub and we’ll post some responses right here.

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