Ridley Scott speaking via satellite to Damon Lindelof and Charlize Theron at Comic-Con. (Gregory Bull/AP)

During the “Prometheus” panel Thursday at Comic-Con, Ridley Scott made a bold statement: he only wants to work in 3D from now on.

Scott spoke to the Comic-Con masses and panel moderator Damon Lindelof, screenwriter of “Prometheus,” via satellite from Iceland where production on the film is still underway. The movie, described as both a prequel to the “Alien” franchise as well as its own, original sci-fi story, is being shot in 3D, and Scott professed his love for that medium.

“I’ll never work without 3D again,” he said, “even for small dialogue scenes,” adding that the depth of field makes for a richer experience.

Maybe this was a bit of hyperbole on the filmmaker’s part or perhaps he’s completely serious. Either way, Comic-Conners also were treated to a few first glimpses of the film via a packaged promotional clip, which suggested the movie will have a borderline Kubrickian vibe but also, in Scott's words, borrow from the “Alien” DNA. Said clip also promised that “Prometheus” star Charlize Theron wil be seen onscreen doing push-ups naked. (Theron, who joined Lindelof onstage, joked that said scene is proof that she knows how to sell a movie.)

Scott’s comments about 3D are striking given the semi-backlash we’ve seen against it this summer, with more moviegoers opting for the less expensive 2D experience when buying tickets at the multiplex. Given his commitment to it, we can only hope Scott has done something spectacular with the 3D in “Prometheus.”

We’ll have to wait and see. The brief snippets of “Prometheus” footage shown in today’s promotional clip? Those were not in 3D.