View Photo Gallery: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed its nominations for this year’s Academy Awards.

Kenneth Branagh, Jonah Hill, Christopher Plummer, Nick Nolte and Max von Sydow all have something to celebrate this morning: They were nominated for the best supporting actor Oscar.

Notably missing from this list? Albert Brooks for his performance in “Drive.”

Brooks seemed like a shoo-in for the nomination, despite his Screen Actors Guild snub. His role as a brutal gangster in the Ryan Gosling-led film was recognized by the Golden Globes, the Independent Spirit Awards and several other critics’s awards. New York Magazine noted, “He worked the Oscar circuit harder than anybody.”

At least he seems to be taking the loss well. Shortly after the nominations were announced, he tweeted, “I got ROBBED. I don't mean the Oscars, I mean literally. My pants and shoes have been stolen.”

He added, “And to the Academy: ‘You don't like me. You really don't like me.’”

The actor, who received an Academy Award nom for 1987’s “Broadcast News,” has been sending tweets about his Oscar campaign for some time. He sent this gem out Monday: “Tomorrow morning I find out if I have to go to any more events that Christopher Plummer wins.”

While Brooks may be taking his snub in humorous stride (at least publicly), the Twitter-sphere has found his lack of nomination, as well as Tilda Swinton’s and David Fincher’s, particularly egregious.

Film critic Richard Roeper declared it the “biggest snub.” One Twitter user said he was “irrationally disappointed” by Brooks’s Oscar shut-out.

One Twitter user can still dream: “Somewhere in an alternate universe, Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender & Albert Brooks are toasting to their much-deserved Oscar noms.”

What were the other big Oscar snubs? Tell us in the comments or share them using the Twitter hashtag #Oscarsnub.

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