The first preview for “Alcatraz” — a series executive produced by J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk and Elizabeth Sarnoff, all formerly of that little TV show called “Lost” — is now online.

So now that we can actually catch a few briskly edited glimpses of the pilot, does it look like it might actually be the next “Lost”?

Well, based on the trailer, “Alcatraz” does have the following: a central character named Jack; Jorge Garcia; a reference to secrets; a couple of shots whose visual aesthetic appears to have been borrowed directly from the trailer for “Super 8”; an island; potential time travel; and the whiff of a government conspiracy.

Obviously we won’t know for sure whether the show offers the Dharma goods until it beging airing, starting in midseason on Monday nights on Fox. But there is certainly some strong potential there.

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