Dude: Jorge Garcia in “Alcatraz.” (James Dittiger/Fox)

“Alcatraz” — otherwise known as the latest TV sci-fi drama to implictly suggest it could be the next “Lost” — debuted Monday night on Fox.

Actually, “Alcatraz” isn’t “Lost,” quite. With its many flashbacks to the San Francisco Bay prison circa the 1960s — when, apparently, all its inmates up and disappeared only to show up in the present day, for reasons that have not yet been fully explained — “Alcatraz” feels like a cocktail that mixes ingredients from “Lost,” “Fringe” and “The Green Mile.”

But for those of you who spent time in this very blog analyzing the actions of Locke and Hurley during “Lost’s” run, it was definitely hard to watch the two-hour “Alcatraz” premiere without having flashbacks to that other island, as the following checklist suggests.

Does “Alcatraz” involve time travel? Check.

Does its creative team include “Lost” veterans J.J. Abrams, Elizabeth Sarnoff and Bryan Burk? Check.

Does it star Jorge Garcia, aka the aforementioned Hurley, as an Alcatraz geek who is the author of a book titled “Alcatraz by the Numbers” and who also says things like, “I have this theory about wormholes”? Check.

Did it contain references to the number 23? Come on, what do you think you’re dealing with?

Does it feature the cinematic and suspenseful music of composer Michael Giacchino? Given.

Is there a guy named Jack in it whose last name starts with an S? Again, check.

And did the first two hours of “Alcatraz” contain the requisite J.J. Abrams Kelvin Easter eggs? Indeed it did.

Despite all the connective tissue between “Lost” and “Alcatraz” — which promises each week to solve the contemporary crimes committed by those aforementioned vanished inmates — the latter appears to have more potential as a niche show than as a mainstream smash on the level of “Lost.” At least that’s my take.

But what do you think? Did you watch “Alcatraz”? And, “Lost” fans, do you plan to continue watching? Post a comment to share your opinion.