Alec Baldwin (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The “30 Rock” actor deactivated his much-used account in December after he tweeted complaints about American Airlines and its flight attendants.

(Quote: “Last flight w American. Where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950's find jobs as flight attendants.”)

So why exactly did Baldwin return to Twitter? Let’s turn to his new tweets.

He had questions

“I am on a tropical island. Did the Lions lose?”

He missed other famous people

“I only came back on Twitter bc I miss [Ed Begley Jr.] and [Garry Shandling].”

He added: “and the heart stopping [Mia Farrow.]”

To make cutlery suggestions

“Buy Oneida flatware.”

To explain his cutlery suggestions

“‘@Mavenmere: Why exactly? Is it made in the U.S.A.?’ Yes.”

To suggest further reading about his cutlery suggestions

“Re Oneida: [NY Times, ‘Private Equity Firm Sees a Future in Flatware.’]”

To encourage his daughter

“‘@IrelandBBaldwin: day before the English final... Not ready.’ Go for it!!”

To ask even more questions

“If u r a Republican, or vote that way, who do you like at this point. And why?”

To wish his followers a happy New Year

“Happy New Year.”

Are you excited about Baldwin’s return to Twitter? Indifferent? Irrationally angry? Tell us in the comments.