Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

Not quite. News of the engagement brought unwanted attention to his fiance’s yoga class, leading Baldwin to angrily call out two New York Daily News staff members via Twitter.

Baldwin tweeted, “Two reporters from the Daily News crashed @hilariathomas’ yoga class today to take photos and post pictures. Their names are . . . .”

He then sent out separate tweets naming photographer Enid Alvarez and crime reporter Simone Weichselbaum*.

Here is the resulting Daily News article, which features two photos of Thomas wearing her giant engagement ring while at her yoga class. Alvarez is credited with taking those photos; Weichselbaum’s name is not listed anywhere on the article is listed at the bottom of the article as a contributor.

Baldwin’s condemnation of the Daily News continued. He tweeted, “Shame on the no- talent trash from the Daily News for invading the privacy of 75 people in a yoga class to take a picture of someone” and “Rest in Peace, the New York Daily News, which was once a good newspaper. Now run by the same trash that runs the” New York Post.

The rant got personal when Baldwin tweeted a picture of Weichselbaum with the message, “Heres the nutty [expletive] who crashed the yoga class today with Snooki Alvarez . . .”

(Baldwin apparently thinks Alvarez resembles “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.)

He then turned his attention away from Alvarez and Weichselbaum to discuss his disgust for Rupert Murdoch and News Corp.

This is not the first time Baldwin has used Twitter to defend his lady love. He led a crusade against a Twitter user who was harassing Thomas and got the person to delete the account. Something tells me that Baldwin’s latest tweets will not cause the New York Daily News to shutter.

*Full disclosure: It has come to my attention that Simone Weichselbaum formerly worked for The Washington Post.