Bynes: maintaining her innocence. (Dan Anderson/Reuters)

For those keeping track of the general Bynes situation — which is not easy, so you have my sympathy as well as a standing request to write these sorts of blog posts for me — the not guilty pleas relate to two separate incidents in which Bynes allegedly crashed into other vehicles and took off. The first one happened on April 10; the second occurred on Aug. 4.

Neither of these episodes is related to her DUI charge, which is a whole other alleged thing to which she pleaded not guilty.

She is expected to be in court on Oct. 19 for a hearing in the hit-and-run cases and, according to the AP, has to be booked within two days of that court date. Which means the fashion line pursuit may need to be put on hold for at least a brief period.

Lindsay Lohan, thus far, has refrained from comment.