The delightful Smurfs in chapter one of their epic saga. (Courtesy of Sony Pictures Animation)

Few things may have permanent staying power in our current culture. Even the seemingly indestructible Twinkie is in peril.

But the Smurfs — those Peyo-created blue creatures who parlayed their comic existence into massive popularity during the 1980s and managed to reinvent themselves in movie form in 2011 — are never going anywhere.

The first “Smurfs” movie — a film that critic Sean O’Connell said he wouldn’t smurf on his smurfiest enemy, which is a Smurf way of saying it was terrible — grossed more than $500 million worldwide. That led to the greenlighting of not just one sequel but two. Because, like “The Hobbit,” this is a rich and textured narrative featuring a wizard whose name starts with a G. Therefore, it needs to sprawl.

So, I present to you the first trailer for the next chapter in the Smurfs saga, “The Smurfs 2.”

The clip focuses on bizarro evil Smurfs who are clearly bizarro and evil because they are called Naughties, are sepia-toned instead of blue and seem to be turning Smurfette into, potentially, a cartoon version of Katy Perry. Which makes sense since Perry provides her voice. It also features Hank Azaria and Neil Patrick Harris doing things the talented Hank Azaria and Neil Patrick Harris should never have to sink to doing. Mercifully, it includes only one use of the word smurf in gerund form.

It comes out July 31st. So you have seven months to come up with a reason you can’t possibly take the kids to see it and, therefore, your spouse will have to do it instead. Consider yourself forewarned.