In recent weeks, more details about the second season of “American Horror Story” — the one dubbed “Asylum,” which will feature some weird stuff involving nuns — have started to trickle out online. Those details have included more casting announcements (Channing Tatum’s wife will play the wife of Adam Levine?) and a series of vaguely disturbing video clips that explain nothing but, like the clips released prior to season one, still manage to simultaneously induce confuision and spinal chills.

That alabaster nun, who is apparently this year’s Rubber Man ... why does she keep looking at me like that?

Now Entertainment Weekly has leaked some plot-related tidbits via its cover story about the upcoming “Asylum” chapter of Ryan Murphy’s “Horror Story.” This may come as an intense, electroshock, but those tidbits sound really, really weird. Minor spoilers ahead.

1. For starters, the plot will somehow involve both aliens and Nazis.

“I’m just writing what I would like to see,” Murphy tells the magazine. “I’m scared of aliens and I’m scared of Nazis and I’m scared of nuns.” He’s probably afraid of scary clowns, too, since many people are. Which means we should start mentally preparing for season three: “American Horror Story: Clown College.”

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

And Sister Jude is described as “wickedly stern.” This probably means she won’t sing “Climb Every Mountain” to that freaky alabaster nun.

3. The show will feature a serial killer.

And his name will be Bloody Face, which is kind of a lazy name for a serial killer. To make up for his goofy moniker, he will wear people’s skin and lingerie. So, basically, he’s this guy.

4. Look, Tate is back!

This time he’s an accused murderer named Kit — poor Evan Peters, why is he always cast as a killer? — but he’s still being tortured by Lange. For a change of pace, his curls have been managed into a short, slicked-down ‘do.

5. The name of the asylum is Briarcliff Manor.

And Briarcliff Manor happens to be the name of a village in Westchester, N.Y., that is very close to Sleepy Hollow. So in the Halloween episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum,” I fully expect one of the characters to ride a horse while headless. My money is on Zachary Quinto right now, just because.

Does all of this information make you more or less excited about embarking on another “American Horror Story” journey? Commenters at Vulture have already expressed concern that Ryan Murphy shows tend to suffer from bad-second-season syndrome, a fact that also makes me nervous. Then again, I am a sucker for well-done weirdness, even when it is ripped-off from the director’s cut of “The Exorcist” (see below). So I’m in regardless.