Who is the Rubber Man? (FX)

The identity of the Rubber Man, perhaps the most mysterious of the many, many presences haunting the home of Ben and Vivien Harmon, will be revealed on Wednesday’s episode, aptly titled “Rubber Man.”

Here’s a review of some of his black-clad shenanigans and odds on the likely wearers of that Gimp-like ensemble.

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In the first episode, Rubber Man appeared in Vivien’s (Connie Britton) bedroom, and she, assuming her husband was in the costume, had sex with him, making him the prime candidate as the father of her gestating demon spawn.

In a flashback during the two-part Halloween episode, we saw Rubber Man kill the house’s previous owner, Chad (Zach Quinto); it was strongly implied that he also offed Chad’s partner Patrick (Teddy Sears).

Later, Tate (Evan Peters) wore the costume to scare Violet (Taissa Farmiga). And on Halloween night, he appeared to both the ghost of Chad and then behind a home-alone Violet, who did not see him.

Last week, he made a surprise appearance in one of Vivien’s sexual fantasies.

So who was that masked man?


Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott): A strong possibility, though perhaps as a reluctant participant. We’ve seen evidence of Ben acting either possessed or having a dual personality. Still, a little too obvious a choice. Also, didn’t he appear to be elsewhere in the house when Vivien and Rubber Man did the deed? Odds: 5/1.

Tate (Evan Peters): We've seen him wear the suit. And having him impregnate Vivien fits in with the speculation that Constance wants to reincarnate her son. It also would explain Constance’s interest in Vivien’s baby. But still ... Odds: 7/1.

Larry Harvey (Denis O’Hare). The fire-scarred and crippled former resident of the Murder House can’t be the Rubber Man, who has two functional arms, unless Larry’s been faking his infirmity Keyser Soze-style. Odds: 50/1



Constance's Husband (Eric Close): In his only and brief appearance, th unnamed, philandering spouse of Constance (Jessica Lange) was killed by his wife during a flashback set in the ’80s. His lack of screen time might rule him out, or could add to the surprise. Odds: 10/1.

Chad or Patrick: Since they were both victims of the Rubber Man, it wouldn’t make much sense within the narrative. Of course, that’s hardly a disqualifier on “AHS.” Odds: 50/1

Other:Really, it could be anyone — from Yao Ming to Daffy Duck — without being too much of a shock. Odds: 20/1