Tate, Constance and Moira: three characters who apparently won’t show up in season two of “American Horror Story.” (Ray Mickshaw/Associated Press)

During this morning’s “American Horror Story” finale recap, Paul Williams and I expressed our concern about how Season 2 of this off-the-haunted-wall series could possibly explore new territory about the L.A. house with the bad juju.

Now we have our answer.

During a conference call today, show runners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk announced that next season — and every season of “American Horror Story” that follows — will be set in a different location, with a largely different cast of characters.

“The next season of the show will be a brand-new home or building to haunt,” Murphy said. Or, to put it in the terms Vulture so succinctly used: “Good-bye, Murder House! Hello, freaky apartment building or trailer park!”

A new batch of characters will be introduced (hopefully one that includes more interesting people than the Ramoses). And Murphy also says he hopes to bring back some of the same actors, including Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange, but in totally new parts. Which means that, if Britton is lucky, she’ll play a woman who doesn’t get impregnated by a dude in a rubber suit.

We also now know that Season 2 will not be set in Los Angeles. So where will it be? Murphy suggested that hints were dropped during the last three episodes.

Could it be at Aunt Jo’s in Florida?

I’m thinking not because she’s related to a Harmon.

Right now, my money is on Virginia, where the Lost Roanoke Colony was originally located and where dear Constance hails from (“Old Dominion, born and bred”).

As an alumnus of the College of William & Mary, I’d just like to say to Murphy and Falchuk: There are a lot of ghosts in Williamsburg. And I’m sure they’d welcome your television insanity.