Remember how we kicked off a weekly “American Idol” contest, one called “What Would Simon Say?” Well, it was such a raging success (ah-hem) that we’re doing it again this week.

In light of last night’s round of ‘80s and ‘90s pop performances, we encourage you to post a comment below that assesses the talents of one of the final 12 contestants. The key: you must use acerbic Britishisms in the style of former judge Simon Cowell . Comments can be shared on this blog post at any time but will only be considered official entries if added before midnight Friday . (Read all the contest rules and regulations here.)

The best comment will be shared in a Celebritology post on Monday. The top Simon Cowell-ish commenter will win the sense of purpose and pride that comes from being singled out in a blog post about “American Idol.” Value of said prize: priceless.