Amy Poehler. (Charles Sykes/Associated Press)

This was the case when Amy Poehler appeared on “Late Night” Wednesday to talk in part about this season of “Parks and Recreation,” where her character Leslie Knope has been competing against Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) for a city council seat.

(What’s that? You haven’t read Jen Chaney’s piece on the show’s city council race? Or her interviews with Poehler, Adam Scott and Nick Offerman a.k.a Ron Swanson? Or checked out her behind-the-scene photo tour of the set? Treat yourself and do it now!)

While Poehler’s “Parks and Rec” talk was certainly informational, the former Weekend Update anchors really pulled out the laughs when they did terrible celebrity impressions and made up plots to movies they never starred in based on silly posters.

Watch the segments below.