Amy Poehler did her first TV interview, on the “Tonight Show” on Wednesday, since her split from husband Will Arnett. Perhaps not surprisingly, Jay Leno did not ask her about the situation, and Poehler did not mention it either.

She did, however, lament the fact that no one smokes on late night talk shows anymore, and came back from a commercial break taking a drag off a cigarette and attempting to drink a martini. Poehler proved, however, that she is not exactly Don Draper.

“Oh, God, this is terrible,” she said after one puff.

“That’s awful, too,” she said of the martini.

Despite the nicotine and alcohol, Poehler stayed focused on the task at hand, which involved promoting Thursday night’s D.C.-centric premiere of “Parks and Recreation.” Watch her do that — and smoke, and drink, sort of — in the first clip below, then check out the second clip, in which she describes the terrifying limo ride she and cast mate Aubrey Plaza took from New York to D.C.