Amy Winehouse and her father, Mitch. (LEON NEAL/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

The Daily Mail reports that the singer’s story “will never be told in film,” quoting Winehouse’s father, Mitch, as saying, “It would hardly be a biopic without the music and we’d never allow the songs to be released.”

But Mitch Winehouse also told the Mirror he’s heard Lady Gaga wants to play his daughter in a film and thinks she would be “great,” joking that she should start practicing her “English-Cockney-Jewish accent.” (Update: Mitch Winehouse tweeted, “I never said Lady Gaga will play Amy in film. Also Amy's room not a shrine. Wot a load of rubbish.”)

So which way is it? Apparently, “never” was too strong of a word choice. A spokesman for Winehouse told Celebritology it’s true that the family has the power to approve or veto use of Amy’s music in a film about her life. But he expects the family would look at offers as they come in, especially if the Amy Winehouse Foundation would benefit in some way.

No biopic is currently in the works. Traviss said he was approached to make one, but said he turned down the offer because “it’s too raw right now.”

Mitch Winehouse plans to write a memoir about his daughter, with the proceeds going to her foundation that benefits young people. The foundation recently donated $15,600 to the Little Havens Children’s Hospice in London, the AP reports.

Amy Winehouse’s final record, “Lioness: Hidden Treasures,” was released earlier this month.

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