Amy Winehouse in 2007.

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Mitch Winehouse, father of the late Amy Winehouse, is writing a book about the “Black to Black” singer’s life, the Associated Press reports.

Winehouse will pen the memoir, “Amy, My Daughter,” which will cover Amy’s life from childhood to her death last July, including her struggles with addiction. HarperCollins will publish the book in summer of 2012, the season that will mark the one-year anniversary of Winehouse’s death.

“I feel that I need to write this book to tell the true story of Amy and to help with my personal recovery,” Winehouse said in a statement.

No word on how much HarperCollins paid in the deal, but proceeds from sales will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, an organization founded by Mitch Winehouse to provide assistance to young people in need due to health, financial and addiction-related issues.