Anderson Cooper put himself on his “Ridiculist” for giggling during a recent segment on Dyngus Day and once again apologized for any pain he caused the people who love the holiday.

Yes, there was Pussy Willow Pride rally in Buffalo to protest what was perceived as Cooper’s Dyngus Day slight. The CNN anchor explained that he called himself “stupid” for laughing during the segment, specifically at the mention of boys hitting girls with pussy willow branches, not the tradition itself.

In a showing of good faith, an organizer from Dyngus Day appeared on his CNN show and invited Cooper to be the Pussy Willow Prince in 2013. Watch the healing begin below.

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has turned down an invitation from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in quite the open letter. (Style Blog)

An investigation into the death of Whitney Houston has been closed, with no foul play found, according to police. The 911 call made from the hotel has also been released, but does not offer any new details. (Associated Press)

Valerie Bertinelli almost gave the Twitter-sphere a collective heart attack when she tweeted that Betty White’s verified Twitter account was a fake: “Don’t know how they got verified, but it is not Betty. Please RT!” A short while later, Bertinelli tweeted that the “account was opened on her behalf by her people,” which is sad but in retrospect seems likely considering the promotional nature of the tweets. The actress later tried to play it off like White pranked her. But the damage was already done, our innocence already lost. (EW)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” the Archie Comic turned classic ‘90s sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart, will be turned into a live action film where the teenage witch is actually a superhero. Go ahead and sigh at the lack of new ideas in Hollywood. I know you want to. (Deadline)

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An ABC soap opera marches on, after the jump.

Bad news, “Revolution” fans. (Any of you out there?) The show has been canceled. But there’s good news for soap opera fans! ABC has renewed “General Hospital,” its last remaining soap. (AP via WaPo)

Forbes has calculated the 10 most profitable shows on television, with “Modern Family” coming in 10th and “American Idol” at the top. (Warming Glow)

Early reactions to “ The Avengers ” are extremely positive. (SlashFilm)

Watch Morgan Freeman play a cranky writer trying to renew his will to live in the trailer for Rob Reiner’s “The Magic of Belle Isle.” I laughed at how sentimental it was, but also teared up. Do what that information what you will.