I’m guessing Anderson Cooper’s new favorite song isn’t “Cutie Patootie.” ( Anderson.)

Naturally, Cooper welcomed stars from the always controversial “Toddlers & Tiaras,” the TLC show that has featured a child wearing fake breasts as part of a Dolly Parton costume and another dressed as the “Pretty Woman” prostitute.

The CNN host had featured a “Toddlers” mother on his RidicuList this January.

Cooper watched Eden Wood, who retired from the show and pageants at age 6 to pursue a career as a celebrity, perform her song, “Cutie Patootie.” Other “Toddlers” stars Mackenzie and Isabella also performed. While Cooper did not vocalize any judgment, his face said it all.

In honor of this occasion, Celebritology presents another edition of Anderson Cooper’s facial reactions.

Cooper watched Wood sing lines like, “Rockin' out the pageant stage and shakin' my booty.” ( Anderson )

This is how he felt about it. ( Anderson )

Is this really happening? ( Anderson )

Yes, Anderson. This is what it’s come to. ( Anderson )

Watch the performances below.